Top Netflix Shows

NETFLIX! I have a bad addiction to Netflix along with every other person in the United States. With that in mind, I’ve decided to rank my favorite Netflix series shows for everyone to use as recommendations when they are finished with their next show! This was probably the hardest thing I have had to do all day. There are so many great ones and I highly recommend all of them!

  1. Gossip Girl. Super girly, but I have watched it completely through at least four times. It’s a series based on the books written by Cecily Von Ziegesar. The series takes place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and follows the lives of 4 extremely wealthy teenagers and one out of place Dan. You’ll catch on after the first episode.
  2. The Office. Michael Scott. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this series. It’s hilarious. This is a must.
  3. Shameless. You will wish you were a Gallagher. Do not watch with kids.
  4. House of Cards. If you’re into politics this is the show for you!
  5. Scandal. “An American political thriller”.
  6. Pretty Little Liars. I think this show is currently still going… I have lost track.
  7. The Following. The first and second seasons are great. They kinda lost me on the third though.
  8. One Tree Hill. Nathan Scott.
  9. Greys Anatomy. McDreamy or McSteamy?
  10. 90210. Always a classic.
  11. Black Mirror. This series starts you on season three, but trust the system. It will mess with your head!
  12. Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins.
  13. Criminal Minds. All about crimes
  14. Law & Order. ^ literally the same thing
  15. Orange is the New Black. This show makes prison not look half bad.
  16. Bloodline. Super dramatic. Almost too dramatic but still good.
  17. Vampire Diaries. Damion or Stephen?
  18. How to get Away with Murder. I think I could get away with murder now.
  19. Bates Motel. This show is just all around messed up. Its based off Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960’s film Psycho.
  20. New Girl. It’s funny, but kinda got lost.
  21. Glitch. It takes place somewhere foreign because they all have great accents! There is only one season out and the first season did not seem to have a climax, so hoping the second season will answer a lot of questions.
  22. Lost. This show is just a drag at this point.

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