My Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is finally here. I have so many things to do besides sit here and blog but I can’t go on spring break without making a list of ALL the things I need to pack. So, these are items that I can’t go to any beach without and will HIGHLY recommend!8053672517279_shad_qt

Ray ban sunglasses $150

One piece swimsuit I got mine at Urban Outfitters, $70. I’ll upload a pick of that later when I get to Mexico. I was not sure how I would look in a one piece because I am so petite but I actually think it is the cutest thing and I can’t wait to buy more of them for the summer.

Bali Body Cacao Tanning and Body oil – $40 off Amazon. I have yet to try this product, howeveUnknown-6.jpegr I have heard amazing things!

The Wrap Swimsuit- I got mine from Nordstrom online for about $70, however they are literally everywhere now. Pretty sure target is selling them for like $40. This is essential.

The StraUnknown-7.jpegw Tote-You can’t go to the beach without a super cute bag and please don’t think it’s okay to bring your LV as a beach bag. It’s not a beach bag. This year the straw tote is super in! I have a photo here for you guys, however I got a pink and orange one from togs for about $50. They are super fun, beachy and summery.

Crappy black flip flops. 
I do not go to the beach without my crappy black flip flops that were $5 from Old Navy. They are perfect for a day at the beach because if they get lost or ruined, it was only $5.


Levi Jean Shorts-
$70 off Levi’s online website. I got the 501 style in a light wash. I just got them in the mail today and they fit PERFECTLY. I am super excited to wear them on the beach. I highly recommend getting a pair of Levi shorts or any pair of “mom”jean shorts because they are going to be very popular this summer.
A cute romper-Any romper from literally anywhere is essential for beach attire! My favorite one that I just bought is from Togs and it is army green.


BloUnknown-9.jpegck heel sandals- They make any romper or sun dress look a tad dressier for dinner. I just bought Steve Madden block heels for $80.

Baseball cap- The perfect Vineyard Vines or Ralph Lauren baseball cap is the perfect casual look to have on the beach.

TEQUILA. You can’t have spring break without lots of tequila.


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