like to know it


My favorite Instagram girlies have recently started to tag a page called “like to know it”  in all their photos. The page is for an app you can download. This app connects with your Instagram account, and keeps track of the photos that you “like”. So, when you like a picture, you receive an email with the links to all the clothing and accessories that your favorite blogger is wearing in the photo. It’s genius. My favorite bloggers are Halley Elefante with her Instagram the_salty_blonde and Lauren Kay Sims (both links are included at the bottom of this post). The app also allows you to upload screenshots from Instagram and allows you to shop the latest looks.  You can also click the “discover” button that allows you to see the “top picks” of photos that others have liked. I personally love this app because it keeps me up to date on fashion trends and it’s easy to shop. If I like a shirt IMG_3392that Halley is wearing, it sends me directly to the shirt on the website, and all I need to do is add it to my cart! It makes shopping SO MUCH easier. It’s free to download, but beware you will find yourself constantly online shopping. I have three packages set to be delivered this week!

Here’s a list of my fScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.53.43 PMavorite girls to follow for fashion trends:

Amanda Stanton    happilygrey     Jaime Toutcheztoi

Meghan Jones     The Fab 3     Halley Elefante    Ashley Donielle



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